SCPEN.NET   South Carolina Parenting Education Network

Currently an educational initiative of still learning, inc. Surfside Beach, SC
.Under the leadership of a group of certified parenting instructors,facilitators and educators and counselors in Horry, Georgetown, Marlboro, Charleston, and Orangeburg Counties, parenting education continues to be offered as a much requested service.  The educational and resource services are in RENEWED stages of creation and development with plans and dreams to spread the membership and service organization throughout these counties and beyond to serve as an additional educational resource, supporting the desires of parents and child caregivers seeking to add to their effective parenting and family management skills.

We are pleased and excited to report that new life will be breathed into SCPEN with the energy and desire for success from Patsy Gardner, Executive Director of A Second Chance Resource Center in Charleston County.  She has volunteered to manage the recruitment of new members and to help expand the services hoped for by still learning, inc. of Surfside Beach, sponsor and developer of SCPEN. We are grateful and excited about the future with Ms. Gardner leading our way.  

Hundreds of our citizens are looking for 
education and information and there is no one place for them to  find assistance.  SCPEN wants to be that place.  We are modeling ourselves 
after NPEN, The National Parenting Education Network, associated with them having a listing on their website along with many other states who have become Parenting Education Networks.

We invite parents looking for educational resources and assistance of any kind to
contact any of the members listed in the directory at this time with the expectation
that soon, other resources will be available for contact.

We invite those who work  with families and children to join with us as an individual member certified in a program that speaks to parenting and family management  education or if you are a member of a service organization you are enthusiastically welcomed to join the movement as it spreads through the counties of SC from the low country to the upstate.  We know there are many of you out there and we will warmly welcome you to the family.  An application for membership is available on this site for downloading.  In the meantime we welcome your input as to your interest and support.