About Us
 SCPEN.NET   South Carolina Parenting Education Network



That all parents, child caregivers and family providers in South Carolina have access to proven, parenting education programs. 


To provide a central resource for 
parenting educators as well as agencies and individuals seeking parenting 
education training.
Education as Prevention
Education as Healing
Education as Building Healthy Family Relationships 
Education as Raising Community Awareness and Creating Support for the Value of Effective Parenting


      1.  Create a directory of certified  
       parenting educators and service providers to 
include areas of expertise 
and/or training.

2.  Connect individuals or agencies 
with appropriate facilitators to
meet the needs of their
client base. 

3.  Establish a support system to 
           help insure quality, consistency,         and integrity of parenting education workshops, seminars and training.

4.  Sponsoring or co-sponsoring a                    conference or seminar supporting those who support parents and families,
including the parents themselves.

The SCPEN Mission and goals are in line with the other state PEN’s across the country who are all 
connected to the National Parenting Education 
Network, NPEN.

The responsibilities of being allied with NPEN are: 
To gather as many qualified parenting programmers, facilitators, providers and educators as possible; 
To carry out tasks that the membership decides upon;
 Agree to have our name on the NPEN web site as a PEN. (see state networks and connections at NPEN.org); 
Subscribe to the NPEN Forum  accessing valuable exchanges of information, events, and materials from all over the world; 
Help recruit NPEN members through our web site;  
Stay in touch with NPEN about what is happening in South Carolina, contributing to the forum conversations with a variety of topics, for instance, any legislative work done for parents and families would be very useful to share with others.

​If interested in helping SCPEN become  a well-known resource for families please contact 

Jim R. Rogers at ParentsCare@sc.rr.com
or call 843-238-9291 for information